Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well, hello cranes!

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The good thing about having the kitchen sink next to a window is being about to look at the view while washing dishes.  That's what I was doing yesterday morning when - HELLO! - the sandhill crane family came to call.

About 10 feet away from where I stood, Mama, Papa and Almost-All-Grown-Up Baby Crane, come to say hello.  Actually, what they really came for was a hopeful handout.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen.


Once, a long time ago I made the mistake of feeding the cranes (Makeshift birdfeeder draws unexpected visitors).  Elephants may be famous for their long memories but apparently cranes can remember too.  Although I now knew better than to toss out kernels of corn and birdseed, I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to snap some up-close shots of these amazing birds. 

Being the bold creatures they are, the cranes cooperated with my in-their-face picture taking by nonchalantly grooming themselves.

These feathers need a bit of fluffing...

Got an itch...must scratch!  That feels better!

Once their feather-fluffing and itch-scratching was done, the birds decided to give begging for food one final try...

"Please give me some food..."

"Come on, Person, I asked nicely..."

"What?  You're not going to feed me?"

"Ah,'s looking at you, kid.  We're outa here."  

And they flew away.

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