Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Great egret greets the day with a smile and a laugh

An unoccupied bluebird nesting box next to Hour Lake is a popular perch for a variety of birds. 

On a recent dawn, a Great egret took advantage of this lakeside platform to practice its morning ablutions by preening, stretching and posing in enough postures to satisfy my seemingly unquenchable photographic thirst.

Below is a sampling of the egret's antics.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

"Good morning!"

A bird bigger than the bluebird nesting box

Starting the day with a laugh!

"Gotta itch! Gotta itch! Gotta itch-itch-itch-itch!"


"Aren't my feathers pretty?"

Big feet. The better to scratch itches with.

Done preening
Looking fine in sunshine


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  1. I was near a pond a few weeks ago when an showy, white egret captured my attention as he/she flew into perch lakeside. He stood out so brilliantly in the grey-brown landscape that I had to question "why would any non-arctic animal have such plumage?" It seems to me that most animals - predator or prey - are designed to blend into their natural habitat. But not this guy! Any ideas of nature's reasoning for making this magnificent bird so showy?