Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dolphins, dawn and a calm lagoon

Early morning. Chilly. Instead of biking to the beach I decided to drive.

Instead of my usual haunts - 27th Ave. Beach or Hiles Blvd. - I rambled on down to the lagoon side of Bethune Beach.

It was a beautiful morning.  Cold but calm.

Ripples in calm water

I hoped to see some dolphins or manatees and was not disappointed. Shortly after walking down the boardwalk overlooking Indian River, I noticed a moving stream of ripples in the water.  A telltale sign that aquatic company was heading my way.

A pair of dolphins arrived shortly after I arrived

Two dolphins swam swiftly from the north into the small cove by the park.  I was mesmerized by their antics.

Looking north from the park boardwalk

As captivated as I was by the dolphins arrival, I was equally awed by the burgeoning day. I felt as if I was embraced by beauty!

Such a sky!

In addition to dolphins, a great egret and several pelicans had gathered in the cove.

Great egret on piling. Pelican in water.

Most likely the birds were there for an early morning feeding. Probably, the dolphins were too. But I like to imagine that they, like me, had come to greet the day. Quiet time. Calm water. A new day getting under way.  Ah...the wonder of it all!

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