Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello, Great Crested Flycatcher

A pair of Great Crested Flycatchers came by this morning and after checking out a potential nest site in an old mailbox affixed to the side of the house, one of the birds flew over to the crepe myrtle tree and stayed there long enough for me to snap off a few pictures.

With a headdress like this, it's no wonder it's called a Great Crested Flycatcher

Notice the rust-colored tail feathers

Birds look especially fetching when their heads are slightly cocked to the side

Hmm...looks like my gig is up: photographer has been noticed by bird

If you're wondering what a Great Crested Flycatcher sounds like, here's short video I made a few months ago of a flycatcher calling from the top of a mulberry tree, a short distance away from the crepe myrtle.

Although I wasn't able to take any full frontal shots today, below is a picture taken about a week ago that shows off the yellow feathers on the Great Crested Flycatcher's belly.

Sitting pretty

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