Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bluebird nesting update

Lots of bluebird activity lately.  The male and female bluebird keep going in and out of the nesting box.

They are busy feeding babies. Below is female bluebird on a windy day standing on top of the nesting box with what looks like a spider in her beak.  Click the image if you'd like to see a larger view.

One time while I was watching, instead of carrying food as the bluebird was entering the nesting box, I noticed one of the birds leaving the nest with something in its mouth.

It turns out that bluebirds are meticulous housekeepers.  The white object in the beak of the bird on the right is a fecal sac containing the waste products of of her nestlings.

Ma and Pa Bluebird spending some quality time together before their baby birds fledge

After hatching baby Eastern bluebirds remain in the nest for 16 to 22 days.  I don't know exactly how many days have gone by since the babies in our nesting box hatched but considering how busy the parents have been bringing food, their offspring must be almost ready to fledge I am so looking forward to seeing the little ones leave the nest.  I sure hope I'm here when it happens!

Bluebirds sure do spend a lot of time guarding their nests

How convenient to have a perch so close to the nesting box

The male bluebird checks to make sure everything is okay


  1. Hi Sherry, I just hound your blog through Facebook. It's always nice to find another Florida gardener. Bluebirds are so adorable to watch, and you are lucky to have them in your yard. I look forward to your future posts.

  2. I'm glad you found my blog, Susan. I just came in from watching the bluebirds before it gets too dark to see. Saw the babies poking out of the nesting hole for the first time. So exciting!