Sunday, May 24, 2015

A honey of a find

I was sitting at one of the outside tables in the newly opened Plant Street Market in Winter Garden with my daughter Amber, her two children, and my son Tim when my not-quite-6-year-old grandson Atom spotted something special in a nearby oak tree.

What's special in this tree??

"I see a beehive!" Atom exclaimed.

I turned around to look where he pointed but at first, I didn't see it at all. After a few more seconds of careful looking, I focused in and sure enough, my junior naturalist grandchild was right.  A swarm of bees was buzzing around a large knothole in the oak.

High up in a knothole Atom spotted a swarm of bee!

"Wow, Atom!  What a find," I said.

A closer look at Atom's find

He shrugged as if it were no big deal.  But to me, it was. I love knowing my grandchildren are growing up in touch with nature.

Grandma's little naturalist

I'm proud of Atom for being aware of his surroundings, for knowing what a beehive is in the first place and for noticing it at all. Lots of kids wouldn't, but he did.  It make this grandma proud.

  A very short (0:05) video of Atom's find

If you're ever in Winter Garden, check out the Plant Street Market.  It is home to several eateries, a meat market, craft beer house and numerous boutique shops.  A fun and attractive place to visit.  If you go, see if you can find the beehive too.

The newly built and Plant Street Market in Winter Garden sits beneath a canopy of towering oaks, including one that boast a buzzing beehive


  1. What a fantastic discovery made even better that it was your grandchild that made the discovery. It's great when kids are raised with an awareness to nature.

    1. I agree, Susan. I'm proud of my daughter for instilling an appreciation and awareness of nature in her children and for her for following along a path that began when she was young herself.