Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Plant a carrot. Eat a carrot.

Looks like Ralph's love of vegetable gardening is being passed on to our granddaughter Trillian.

Trillian asked for a carrot to eat the other day when she was visiting. Instead of looking in the refrigerator, Ralph suggested they pick one from the garden.

Trillian wasted no time following her grandpa to the garden.  The vegetable plants are raised off the ground in containers so Ralph lifted Trillian up so she could reach the plants.

"I told her to reach down low and pull hard," he explained.

Trillian did just that and out popped a beautiful orange carrot that they then rinsed off with the hose.

"She picked it herself," Ralph said when they came back inside with a beautiful carrot.

Trillian poses for a picture with a carrot as long as her forearm

Not only did Trillian pick it, our almost 4-year-old grandchild ate the whole carrot up.  Well, all but a nibble she shared with her stuffed bunny, Baboo.  What a considerate little farmer.

Baboo liked the carrot Trillian picked from grandpa's (Papa's) garden too


  1. She's adorable and that carrot was big for a little girl. Lots of nice looking healthy greens on the other end, too.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Trillian is a sweetie and love accompany her 'Papa' in the garden. I was surprised and impressed by the size of that carrot. Pretty cool, especially for a carrot grown in 15-gal containers instead of the ground.