Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blackberries and a surprise...

I was taking a row yesterday afternoon when I noticed a cluster of ripe blackberries overhanging the water's edge.

I rowed closer to pick the fruit but as I approached, I noticed a cluster of a different sort.  Do you see it too?

Four little green tree frogs (two frogs on two different leaves) chose the same spot to gather.

For a moment I hesitated, afraid I might disturb the frogs if I got close enough to pick the berries. But, the berries were very tempting I decided not to worry about bothering the frogs.

As it turned out, the frogs didn't mind at all. They didn't move when I rowed close enough to pluck blackberries and pop them into my mouth. Maybe they figured they were so well camouflaged I wouldn't notice they were there.

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