Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blanketflower abuzz with bees

The small patch of blanketflowers (Gaillardia) in the front yard is attracting a large number of bees. I've tried to identify them but my knowledge is limited. I'd appreciate it if those of you with better honed entomology skills would let me know if I've misidentified any of the bees.   

Female green orchid bee with heavily laden pollen baskets on her rear legs

Pollen covered Honey bee

And another honey bee covered with pollen

A male green orchid bee sipping nectar - only the females have hind-leg pollen baskets

No insects buzzing around this flower but I included it anyway because Blanketflowers are even pretty after their yellow-tipped petals have fallen off. 
I think this is a Green metallic sweat bee

Below is a short video (0:56) of bees going from one blossom to another, mostly on the Spanish needle blooms (Biden alba) growing alongside the patch of blanketflowers.

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