Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's not easy feeding yourself...

I've been watching this young male cardinal come to the bird feeder for several days now.


He has always been with his father, begging to be fed as young birds do. 

"Feed me, Daddy!  Feed me!"

But today was different.  He came alone.  And not just to the feeder but to the crepe myrtle tree too.  I had fun watching him pluck off dried seed pods with his beak.  

"Got one!"

For the most part he was successful at maneuvering the seeds into his mouth.  But every so often...he lost his grip.

Whoops!  Is that one going to make it?  I don't think so...

and dropped the seed pods to the ground.  Poor baby.  Learning how to feed yourself is hard work.

Looks like another seed bound for the ground...

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