Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A fleeting flower

It's a lily. Crinum jagus...
I don't remember where my first crinum came from - I probably saved it from an abandoned homesite.  Crinums are an old-fashioned flower, found in the garden beds of many Florida homesteads. 

Even now, I know of an abandoned homestead on Route 27 in North Clermont where several purple crinums continue to put on a showy display despite the lack of attention they've received for years. Whenever I pass it on the highway, I have a strong urge to pull over and dig up the bulbs.

The crinum by my house began blooming about a week ago.  Because it's such a weighty flower, it has difficulty withstanding wind and rainstorm.

Below are some pictures I took of the blooms.  Where I live, it's a fleeting flower, showy and beautiful but to be enjoyed for just a brief bit of time.

(Special thanks to Marty Whatley who correctly identified this crinum)


Full bloom

Bending with the weight...

An explosion of white

Adding brightness to the landscape during daytime...

or night

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