Monday, June 1, 2015

The sky...oh,my!

Lots of wind this evening and lightning and thunder.  It rained but it was a gentle downpour, light enough to enjoy when I walked outside.  But it was after the rain had mostly ended that the best part of the storm emerged.  A rainbow - not just one but a double rainbow - lit up the sky.  Needless to say, I took lots of pictures.

Do you see the second rainbow to the right of the first

A close up of the beautiful colors as viewed through a border of sycamore leaves

A dragonfly just happened to fly by as I shot this picture

Another closeup - In this one the purple really shows up

I kept trying to get the whole rainbow to fit in the picture but it was just too big

After taking the previous pictures, I came inside to transfer the images to the computer but when I looked out the window, the sky was even darker and the rainbow more dramatic.  So I went back out to take just a couple more shots...

The double rainbow was still there, though it was fading fast in the ever-darkening sky


  1. I wish I had a panoramic setting on my good camera to get the whole rainbow as well. These are gorgeous, really caught the color and the second rainbow too.

    1. So glad you like the pics. I actually have a panoramic setting on my camera but have yet to learn how to use it - ridiculous, huh? Ah well, one of these days. It sure would have come in handy the other evening.

  2. Seeing a rainbow is always a special treat, but 2 is really special. You were able to get so e wonderful photos of it.

    1. It was yet another happy surprise after a much needed rainy day