Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A cereus find

On the drive home from the Mount Dora Village Market​ Sunday morning, I meandered through some side streets in town and came across this amazing stand of night blooming cereus completely encircling the trunk of two large oak trees in someone's yard.

A picture of one of the trees

Not only had the vine climbed its way up the trunk and into the branches, it had also sprawled across the ground and into the road.

I couldn't pass up such an opportunity to take home a snippet so I pulled over, took out my clippers (gardening tip:  always keep an extra pair of clippers in the car for just such occasions) and lopped off about a foot-long section to transplant.

It's too bad I missed the blooming but from the number of spent blossoms hanging from the vines, I can only imagine how spectacular it must have looked late at night when the flowers opened.

Here's a picture of my own night blooming cereus that bloomed for the first time last year.

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