Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A yellow surprise

On my way to the compost pile to dump out yesterday's food scraps, a forgotten flower gave me a surprise.

A bright yellow rain lily was in full bloom!


Although I have multitudes of pink rain lilies, which have been blooming like crazy after all of our recent downpours, none of the yellow flowering variety that were planted over the past couple years have ever bloomed.

Pink rain lilies surround a Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo

In fact, they had been planted so long ago that I'd almost forgotten they were even there.  But today, the solitary bloom caught my eye.

The yellow lily is planted in a 7-gallon landscape pot together with pink rain lilies and some ground violets.  The photo above demonstrates how much smaller the yellow lily is than its rosy-hued relative.  It may be small but its diminutive size doesn't detract from the flower's beauty.

Now that one yellow lily has bloomed, I'm hoping others will follow. And maybe - just maybe - the yellow lily will be as prolific as the pink one is. How exciting to imagine the yard scattered with pink and yellow flowers after every dark and dreary downpour.

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