Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saw my first robins of the season today!

I'm not a big fan of chinaberry trees but American robins think they're grand.  

While taking back roads to Clermont this afternoon, I saw dozens of birds flying in and out of a chinaberry tree's branches.  Pulling off the road onto the grass, I grabbed my camera and zoomed in for a closer look.  

The birds were robins - my first robin sighting of the season - and they were in the middle of a feeding frenzy!  

One robin after another flew onto a branch, plucked a yellow chinaberry off the bunch, ate it then fly away only to be replace by another robin flying in.


I don't like chinaberry trees because I think they're ugly, messy and spread like crazy. Instead of seeing one chinaberry tree, I almost always see many. I had never thought much about that characteristic until today when I saw how voraciously the birds devoured the berries.

Birds eat. Birds poop. New trees sprout in the fertilized ground.

Although I'm not a fan of chinaberry trees, I enjoyed seeing how wild the robins were for the berries.  Watching them feed gave me a new appreciation for the deciduous tree.  But don't get me wrong, robins or not, I still don't want chinaberry trees growing in my yard.


  1. I saw them in my neighborhood on Monday--what a treat!

  2. Robins love my camphor tree berries too. I know these trees are considered invasive but the trunk is over 20' in circumference, a grandfather tree.