Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Letting nature sow (most) of the seeds

I've always wanted a field of wildflowers and now I have one.  Below is a picture of an expansive stretch of Fumaria officinalis, commonly known as earth smoke.

A field of wildflower

Interspersed among the earth smoke is pink sorrel, cow thistle, some Spanish needle and a scattering of sunflowers that are just beginning to sprout above the other flowers.

Spanish needle (Alba biden) attracts many butterflies including this zebra longwing

Of all those plants, the sunflowers are the only ones I planted. Nature took care of the rest.

Although earth smoke has been growing throughout our property for years, I only recently discovered its name thanks to Malory Foster who responded to a post by Joanne Zimmerly Wilson on our Facebook page Florida Flora.

Joanne posted a picture of the plant with its delicate purplish-pink flowers and asked if anyone knew what it was.  Malory quickly replied with an ID.  By doing so, she answered one of my longtime 'what-plant-is-it?' mysteries.

The following are few links with more information about Earth Smoke:

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