Thursday, December 18, 2014

The sky...oh, my!

I was already busily ensconced on the computer when Ralph asked if I'd seen the sunrise this morning?  Knowing how quickly the sky changes as the sun is coming up, I wasted no time leaving my office, grabbing the camera and heading outside.

This is what I saw

Looking southeast through the a sycamore tree and two stands of clumping bamboo

Looking east through a stand of Bambusa chungii (Blue Timber) on the left and Bambusa oldhamii (Giant Timber) on the right

The northeasterly view with mist rising off the lake, the curve of the lake and the reflections of the trees and clouds in the still water

And one more view directly across the lake from our house.  What a sky!

I like to think I'm the one with an awareness of sunrises and sunsets but this morning my husband proved being conscious of skyscapes is not a one-person job.  Thank you Ralph for waking up early and tearing me away from the computer to share another beautiful morning sky.

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