Friday, December 19, 2014

Morning light, bamboo, mist and osprey

Woke up this morning to a pretty sight.  Osprey perched on the mid-lake platform with the mist rising around it.

The sun was beginning to peek through the pine on the east side of the lake making the bamboo glow in the early light.

As I walked outside, I positioned myself to capture different images.

Choosing, finally, to focus on the osprey itself.  I wonder if it slept there all night?  Yesterday evening it was perched in a pine tree.  I tried not to disturb it when I went for my row.

I've been meaning to remove the upside-down trashcan lid we secured to the post.  I thought it would provide a possible nest site but all it does is look ugly in the midst of a beautiful spot.  I might not like it, but at least the osprey doesn't seem to object.

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