Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Florida Scrub Jay encounter

I took my usual back roads route to town this morning in the hope of seeing some Florida Scrub Jays in the yet-to-be-developed acreage along Grassy Lake Road in Minneola.

I wasn't disappointed.  Not only did I see a solitary sentry surveying its hilltop domain, but a second jay appeared to stand guard together.

Solitary sentry

If one guard is good, are scrub jays safer with two guards standing watch...

Shortly after, hunger must have struck because one of the two birds left its post to seek out some Rosary Pea seeds.

Pretty to look at but deadly if eaten by humans.  Fortunately, the toxins in Rosary Pea do not harm birds at all

Rosary Pea Vines are twining their way throughout the area where the Scrub Jays live.  Although highly toxic to people, the bright red and black berries are perfectly safe for birds to eat.

A scrub jay enjoys a Rosary Pea snack

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