Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Look what we found at the beach...

Over the past year, Ralph and I have seen quite a few unexpected sights at New Smyrna Beach. There was the day we spotted a manatee swimming at Canaveral National Seashore and the time we saw a stingray lolling about in the shallow water along the same stretch of unpopulated beach.

Both sightings left me wanting more, so now before we go for a swim in the ocean, I always take time to scan the water first in the hopes of spotting yet another unexpected creature.

The other day, however, I didn't have to look long. In fact, I didn't have to use my eyes at all.  My ears told me something different was in the water.

Making music with the waves

Yup, it was a guy playing a banjo.  In the water.  With waves (albeit small ones) crashing all around.

One reason I love going to the ocean is because I never know what I'll see or find. There are always feathers, shells and forgotten toys to pick up and examine.

One day's cache

There are new birds to learn about, jellyfish to avoid and crabs to watch disappearing into holes.

Willet examining jellyfish

One time we even came across a washed up, abandoned catamaran sailboat.

Ralph was excited about all he could salvage from this washed up sailboat 

But a banjo-playing fellow?  Now that was a truly unexpected and probably not-be-repeated find.  

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