Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finding beauty in a droplet of rain

The blanketflowers have stopped blooming in my yard but that doesn't mean they're no longer worthy of notice.

The other day after the rain stopped, I sat outside combing out my hair. As I brushed through the snarls, I looked over at the faded flowers. Most had already turned into spiky seedheads.

Yet, despite their lack of colorful petals, there was much to admire. Droplets of rain clung to their undersides.  Bent low from the downpour, their beauty remained.

Blanketflower seedhead adorned by droplet of rain

Bent low but not beaten, beauty remains

Blanketflower in the process of developing seeds - there's beauty in all stages of a flower's transformation

Several stages of blanketflower beauty admired by me and a pollen-seeking insect 

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