Sunday, January 4, 2015

Coyote sighting!

I'm sitting in the kitchen reading.

A coyote wanders by.

Fortunately, my camera is close at hand.

Unfortunately, the coyote moves much faster than my excited hands can manipulate the camera's settings.
I snap off a few shots.  The first one - where I have the closest, clearest view - comes out blurry.

What a thrill!

The coyote moves off behind the mulberry trees.  I take more pictures.

A coyote, obscured by the bare branches of a mulberry tree

The coyote spots my husband working in the garden and, for a moment, stands still.  Then he takes off through the woods.  By then I'm outside but the animal has moved too deep into the forest to follow.

A coyote eyes my husband before darting off into the woods

Nonetheless, I'm elated.  I saw a coyote today, just outside the kitchen window!

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