Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taking flight

It was early morning.  It was chilly outside, which made the mist hang heavy over the still water.  I was sitting in my rowboat along the shoreline at the lake's north end about 50 feet away from where our resident pair of sandhill cranes spend the night when all of a sudden the birds took off.

They do this every morning.  They spend the night on a tiny island in the lake, then in the early morning just as the sun is beginning to rise above the treeline, they preen their feathers before flying off.

This morning, however, I was in the right spot at the right time to catch these beauties just as they were lifting off.  It was my birthday and of all the presents that day brought, none filled me with as much joy as this one picture capturing a moment long to be remembered.

Some of my photographs, including "Taking Flight" are now available - for sale through Fine Art America.  You can purchase pictures in assorted sizes on a wide range of products including Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. Matted and Framed Prints are also on the site.

This is a new venture for me so I would sure appreciate any feedback or comments about the site, its ease of use and the pricing.  Thank you!

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