Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cedar waxwings have arrived

Cedar waxwings have come to call.  More accurately, they've come to eat, to devour the fruit on our mulberry trees.


I was outside when hundreds of the masked bandits landed on the sycamore tree to rest before flying over to the nearby mulberry trees and flitting in and out of the branches. They were after fruit that's underripe from a person's point of view but perfectly fine from an avian perspective

The same thing happens every year.  The berries begin to ripen and I watch with conflicting emotions.  On one hand, I'm eagerly anticipating the sweet flavor of ripe mulberries.  On the other hand, I'm anxiously expecting the birds to eat the entire crop.  Either way, I guess I win. I may not eat many mulberries but my appetite for birdwatching is always sated.

And here is another video I made a few years ago of the cedar waxwings on the mulberry tree.  On this one, the mulberries are riper than they currently are and the waxwings waste no time gobbling them up:

You can view several other videos of cedar waxwings as well as other birds, animals, insects, etc on my YouTube channel

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