Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beachcombing in the woods

It was a perfect late December day.  Cool enough for a fleece vest but warm enough to go without a hat, gloves or socks.  As I walked the path along the lake, brightly colored leaves lay on the ground. I picked up several and put them in my pocket.  My collection grew until I came to the stump.  It seemed like the perfect place to arrange a display.

From bottom center going clockwise:  

The heart-shaded, yellow leaf in the bottom center fell from one of the ubiquitous fox grapevines that grow throughout the woods.

To its left is a small, crisp, brown oak leaf.

Above to the left are four black peppervine berries still attached to the stem.  Like grapevines, peppervines creep and weave their way across the forest floor climbing upward whenever they can.

A pinecone is above the peppervine berries and the red leaf above the pinecone comes from a laurel cherry tree.  A yellow and another red laurel cherry leaf are in the middle of the picture.

I'm not sure what kind of leaf is in the top center.  It is almost black and very dry and crisp.  It might also have fallen from one of the many oak trees.

One more cherry laurel leaf - this one an orange-red color and to it's left are three Alba biden or Spanish needle flowers.

Just below the white Alba biden blooms is a pretty scarlet swamp maple leaf and below that is a golden raintree seed still attached to a very thin, papery brown sheath.

It was a good walk in the woods.

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