Thursday, December 17, 2015

Royal tern takes a royal bath

I had fun yesterday watching a Royal Tern take a bath in the ocean. It was low tide and occasional pockets of shallow water dotted the beach. A large flock of Royal Terns had gathered next to one of those tidal pools.

Royal terns turned toward the wind on a December afternoon at the beach

While most of the birds were standing in the same position with their heads facing the wind, two terns stood apart.  I focused in on one of the birds to see just what it looks like when a Royal Tern decides now is the perfect time to clean its feathers and dunk its head in saltwater despite the fact that most of his flock is doing something different.

Who cares what everyone else is doing.  I think it's time to get clean!

Here's a short video (1:13) of a Royal Tern taking a Royal Bath

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