Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rainbow sky

Yesterday, late afternoon.

What a downpour we had!  Finally, the rain stopped and when I looked out the window, the air was filled with a golden glow. I knew what that meant.

If I went outside, there'd be a rainbow.

Sure enough, a colorful arc stretched across the lake.  Although I could see both ends, the southern arch was much more distinct. But just as thrilling as the colored arc were the blue streaks of light that spread westward from the horizon, bisecting the rainbow and continuing outward and upward.

Moment by moment, the sky changed colors.  The north end of the rainbow, which had been visible only seconds before, disappeared, hidden beneath a cover of clouds.

Even with the rainbow gone, the sky remained gorgeous.  The lake was calm with a light mist rising.

And everywhere I looked - north, south, east and west - was a gorgeous view.  I love a rainbow sky.

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