Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lovebugs and hempweed

A Simply Extra
Ever wonder where lovebugs hang out when they're not smashing themselves against the front end of your car or flying into your face when you're outside?

Lovebugs on car...time for the hose and scrub brush

At least some spend time in the twining vines of climbing hempweed (Mikania scandis), a Florida native plant that likes wetland locations.

Climbing hempweed blooms in mid-September around the same time that lovebugs appear.  The insects, which don't bite or sting, could be seeking nectar as nourishment for their short (3 to 5-day long) lives or laying eggs on the plant leaves.

Climbing hempweed (with lovebugs) winding its way around dog fennel

I'm not a fan of dog fennel so I'm glad to see this pretty vine encircle it. As for lovebugs...well, no one is really a fan of them but I'm glad to know they have other places to spend time besides the hood of my car, the windshield or in my face.

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