Friday, October 13, 2017

A beachside encounter in 'Plein' sight!

I almost always find something unexpected on my early morning beachside bike rides. Often those finds include interesting wildlife, plants or washed ashore items.  But recently, over a two-day period, my beachcombing finds involved Gainesville artist Peter J. Carolin participating in the 7th annual New Smyrna Beach Paint Out.

Artist blending colors with gloved hands

Much to my delight and fascination, Peter set up his extensive outdoor studio in front of SeaWoods, a stretch of beach midway between my usual starting and finishing points.

Quite a lot of gear to tote to and from the beach

On both mornings, I paused in my morning ride to say hello and ask if I could take pictures, which Peter graciously permitted.

Peter didn't seem to mind all my questions and picture taking

I'm glad he did, because not only did I enjoy watching him work, but found myself especially intrigued by his cleverly constructed work station made from repurposed items like old ironing boards, aluminum crutches and clothes hangers.  Ingenious use of castaway stuff!

Arranging his ironing board table in front of swiveling paint shelves made from crutches, clothes hangers, old glass medicine shelves and 2x4s

Below is a short YouTube video of artist Peter J. Carolin from photos taking during early morning beachside bike rides on October 11 and 12, 2017

A fun surprise!

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