Wednesday, October 18, 2017

4 things I never expected to see people do at the beach

Whenever I'm at the beach I expect to see the unexpected.  But usually, those unexpected finds include rare shells, interesting wildlife, a special skyscape, pretty sandcastles or mademade items like watches, sunglasses and plastic shovels that wash ashore. 

When it comes to people, most of the time I see kids (and the rare adult) doing handstands and cartwheels, tossing balls and playing games. I've spied lovers entwined on beach blankets, tai chi and yoga practitioners and even the occasional beachside wedding. 

But, over the past couple years, I've encountered a few other more unique human/ocean interactions.  Below are four things I never expected to see people do at the beach starting with a banjo-playing fellow serenading the surf.

This guy's banjo playing was accompanied by the percussive beat of rolling waves

This woman gives new meaning to 'just hanging out with a couple piers.'

People bring all sorts of things to the beach - blankets, towels, coolers, music...
But for some reason, this fellow brought a ladder

I've encountered many people doing yoga on the sand but this guy chose to do his stretches on a paddleboard just offshore

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