Friday, February 3, 2017

Bald eagle sighting

Driving home through the small town of Oakland on my way back from Winter Garden, I spotted this American Bald Eagle perched on top of the Oakland water tower.

A close-up view of a high-up bird

The water town is located behind the Oakland Post Office and Town Hall next to the bike trail.

A cattle egret likes Oakland too

The tower is tall and the eagle must like the panoramic view it affords because whenever I drive by, I often see one perched on top of the tower.

Perched high above the quaint town of Oakland

In addition to the view it affords, the tower is located close by an aerie - an eagle nest - that the birds have built in one of Oakland's many giant oak trees.

Sitting on a nest of sticks

No matter where I see them - perched on a tall platform, soaring through the sky or at our own lake in Groveland - it always gives me a special thrill to catch sight of this magnificent bird.

A pair of bald eagles in our lake in Groveland

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