Monday, November 7, 2016

Cast your ballot for Mother Earth!

There’s at least a little optimism in even the most pessimistic person. We go to sleep at night expecting to wake up the next day. We drive our cars, expecting to arrive at our destination. We make plans for the future assuming the future we imagine will be there when we’re ready.

A new day dawning

But what if it isn’t? What if tomorrow’s world is turned upside down? What if the result of the upcoming election causes mayhem with further-reaching repercussions than most of us can imagine?

I am an optimist by nature but the upcoming presidential election has me anxious about the future. So much is at stake. Our planet is in danger.

I feel like we’re not just electing a leader of the ‘Free World.’ We’re electing to have a world at all.

The victorious candidate in tomorrow’s presidential race faces unprecedented challenges. Earth’s very essence is under attack by a combination of lethal forces. Climate change. Environmental degradation. Terrorism. The threat of nuclear wars and biochemical warfare.

I don’t want to push the panic button. But I don’t want a president to push it either. I want a leader who understands balance. We stand on a precipice of pronounced precariousness. I want a strong leader who knows how to hold steady without being overbearing, overacting or tilting the balance of power.

All too often as election day nears, I find myself seeking solace in nature to escape the onslaught of political rhetoric.

I step outside to watch the sunrise. Every morning it rises in the east. But on some days the sky is so cloudy, I can barely see it. Still, I know the sun’s there spreading warmth and light on all parts of the planet no matter how minute or seemingly insignificant.

That’s how I want my president to be. I want a leader of indiscriminate light. A person who will illuminate the future instead of cloaking it in darkness. I want a leader with the power and presence of mind to persevere through problem times. Someone who stays bright and true spreading light and warmth even during days when the sky is filled with clouds. 

In need of light...

I’ve been voting in elections for more than 40 years but I’ve never been this scared before of the potential outcome. That’s because the outcome of this election is not just about what’s best for you or for me. It’s about what’s best for our children, our children’s children and for all the animals and plants that have no voice - no vote - in what the future will bring. This election is about what’s best for our planet.

For them - for all of us - I urge you to vote. Tomorrow is election day. Go out and cast a ballot for Mother Earth! 



  1. A very thought provoking article. Yes, I voice all of your concerns for this planet. All each of us can do is vote what we think is best, but we each need to do our part and make our voice heard through local government and grass root organizations in the future to help secure our wonderful world.

    1. Today's the day. Let's hope that kindness, caring and concern for the world's health wins out over fear, scorn and disregard for anything other than selfish greed.

  2. Welll.. the election did not turn out like the experts expected! I am not happy, but I have close friends who are. So we don't talk politics much as of late.
    Anyway, I came across your web site (I remember seeing it before, somewhere), and i really like it, so I bookmarked it this time so it won't get away. Just wanted to say that.

  3. Thanks for bookmarking my site, Marcoli. To be sure not to miss a post you can also Follow me on Network Blogs. The sign up link is on the left column.

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