Saturday, July 23, 2016

Can you find the two Great Horned Owls?

There were two great horned owls perched in a pine tree the other morning.  I saw them from my rowboat across the lake and focused on the one sitting on an upper branch.

Can you find the two owls in the tree?

As I watched, the owl who was surveying the lakeshore, turned its head to look directly at me.  It then opened its mouth for a big yawn.  Not just once but twice.  Am I really that boring?

Below are a few more pictures taken from my rowboat of the Great Horned Owls in the pine tree:

The owl's feathers blend so well with the pine tree bark

So quiet and still

Such big, bright yellow eyes!

We all need to stretch sometimes

Hmm...could be prey...

Such a large bird

One tree.  Two owls.

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