Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Butterflies, blooms and a bunch of yellow aphids

Just returned from a few days at the beach so naturally, one of the first things I did was walk around our Groveland gardens to see how the plants fared in our absence.  The plants were fine and the butteflies were happy too. My short stroll yielded a number of fluttery finds.

Gulf fritillary on tropical milkweed along with numerous yellow aphids

Giant swallowtail on tropical milkweed

Tiger swallowtail on blackberry lily

Tiger swallowtail on tropical milkweed

Zebra longwing on pink echinacea

Gulf fritillary on aptly named butterfly bush


  1. Good pics! Have you seen any hammers on your blackberry lilies? My little hummer passed up the red Pentax for the blackberry lily.

    1. I haven't noticed any hummers on the blackberry lilies yet but they sure do like the firespike! I've seen them go to Wendy's Wish, butterfly ginger, justicia and tropcal sage. I haven't seen them at my red canna lilies yet but I bet they go there too. I'll keep a better eye on the blackberry lilies now that you've mentioned it.