Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sandhill cranes getting big

I recently drove by my neighbor's field and caught sight of a sandhill crane family.  Mama and Papa Crane were on different sides of the field fence with one baby tagging behind each parent.

Two cranes on one side of the fence
Two on the other

The youngins have gotten so big!  The two colts have entered that gawky stage when their legs look overly long for their still-small bodies.

I guess my photo-taking made them nervous because as I stood there clicking away one of the adults rushed over to a broken spot in the fence and scooted through to the other side with baby trailing right behind.

Heading for a break in the fence

Once Ma and Pa were reunited and separated from me by the fence, any anxiety the birds might have felt seemed to melt away as the tall birds continued on their slow stroll across the field in search of insects and seeds.

I was glad I had a chance to see the crane family - especially the fast-growing colts. What a joy it is to live in an area where viewing these beautiful birds is a regular occurrence rather than a rare experience.

Below is one of many videos I've made over the years of sandhill crane and their babies on our property.  You can find more on my Sandhill Cranes YouTube Channel

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