Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One row...many pictures

If you're willing to look, there's much to see.

I just came in from a slow row around the lake's perimeter.  Much of what I found are just little things.  A pretty flower.  A tiny frog.  They could easily be overlooked. But if they were, so much would be missed.

Below is a glimpse into the world I discovered on my late afternoon row.

A pretty flower

A tiny frog, no bigger than my fingernail

Mama spider guarding her spiderlings

Looks like this orb weaver of the genus Neoscona
will soon be dining on a dragonfly wrap

This green tree frog looks like he's ready to leap from one pickerelweed leaf to another

Blue on green - A dragonfly that didn't get caught in a spider's web

And finally, this gulf fritillary butterfly looks like it has settled in for the night holding tight to its pickerelweed leaf bed


  1. Take a look, say in Bugguide.net, at spider genus Neoscona. They are a lot like Argiope except fatter...or should I say Argiopes are thinner?

    1. Thank you for the correction. I have not determined which Neoscona it is but I see the difference between that genus and the argiopes now that you have pointed it out.