Saturday, January 28, 2017

A few shots from my morning row

I hadn't had a chance to go for a pre-sunrise morning row for several days but this morning I got up in time, the lake was calm and it wasn't too chilly so...

The sky just before I pushed my boat into the water

By the time I rowed down to the south end of the lake the sky had become a little brighter

Rowing back from 'Little Bare' into 'Big Bare Lake' with our house and the mulberry orchard to the west

By the time I reached the north end of the lake the sun was beginning to shine on the trees on the west side of the lake 

I stopped for a few minutes to look back at our house nestled among bamboos and trees

Watching the sun peek over the pines along eastern shoreline from my 'secret spot' along the northern shore

Another shot of the eastern shoreline

It is so much brighter on the western shoreline as the sun rises higher from the east

A slideshow of all the images taken during my morning row


  1. Your posts make my life happier. You are blessed with such beauty and happiness.(I am happy on my little lake, too!)Thanks again for your blog.

    1. You're most welcome, RennieB! It pleases me immensely to know that my words and pictures add a bit of happiness to your life. Gratefully yours, Sherry