Friday, April 24, 2015

Exotic animals A to Z

I had a chance today to take Amber to see the exotic animals at Briley Farm in Oakland today.  We parked at Oakland Nature Preserve,which abuts the farm's property and from there it was just a short walk to the farm's border where we could look through a tall field fence to see the animals.  We really hit the jackpot because all sorts of critters were out in the field grazing today.  We literally saw animals from A (antelope) to Z (zebra)

A mother Blackbuck Antelope feeds her calf

A pair of wildebeest graze in the field

An ostrich pecks the ground for food alongside a smaller emu

A pair of Ankole-Watusi cattle graze alongside a calf

A field filled with antelope and long-horned cattle graze beside spreading oaks

We saw peacocks

and  zebras too!

Briley Farm is a private farm and is not open to the public but anyone interested in viewing the animals from afar can see them from Oakland Nature Preserve.  Below is a list of all the domestic and exotic animals at the farm. If you go to the farm's webpage and click on each animal in the list it will take you to a picture of that animal.

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